Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet Ovens

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Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet Ovens

For processes where eliminating particle contamination is required, such as sterilization, depyrogenation, curing and drying. These electrically heated ovens feature a low particle count Class 100 atmosphere inside. Exterior construction minimizes particle generation. Heavy duty units equally suited for pharmaceutical or industrial applications.

Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet Ovens Model Specifications:

CAUTION:  Ovens processing combustible material are required by National Fire Protection Association 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces (NFPA 86) to have a fire suppression system.  If flammable solvents or vapors are present in an oven, OSHA requires conformance with NFPA 86 Class A Oven requirements.  A powered forced exhauster and other non-standard safety equipment must be added.  See Class A Oven Equipment for Solvent Processing resource page, reference our FAQs or our contact us us for more information.

Model Workspace Outside Dimensions*(WxDxH) Max Temp Blower Heat Input Insulation Thickness Operating Characteristics† Approx Shipping Weight
Dimensions(WxDxH) VolumeCu Ft CFM HP ElectricKW GasBTU/HR Control Accuracy Temperature Uniformity Rise Time (Electric) Rise Time (Gas)
CLA-500 24" x 24" x 15" 5 66" x 40" x 52" 500°F 250 ½ 8 Not Rated 6" ±0.3% ±4°F 30 Not Available 935 lbs
CLB-500 24" x 36" x 27" 13.5 66" x 52" x 64" 500°F 600 ¾ 10 Not Rated 6" ±0.3% ±4°F 33 Not Available 1,340 lbs
CLC-500 36" x 36" x 27" 20.3 80" x 52" x 64" 500°F 750 1 15 Not Rated 6" ±0.3% ±4°F 29 Not Available 1,645 lbs
CLD-500 36" x 36" x 39" 29.3 80" x 52" x 76" 500°F 1,000 1 ½ 20 Not Rated 6" ±0.3% ±4°F 26 Not Available 1,960 lbs
CLE-500 36" x 36" x 51" 38.3 80" x 52" x 88" 500°F 1,500 2 30 Not Rated " ±0.3% ±4°F 21 Not Available 2,285 lbs

† Operating Characteristics

  • Accuracy as percent of controller span.
  • Uniformity at 50°F below maximum temperature.
  • Rise Time in minutes to 50°F below maximum temperature.
  • Tests run with empty oven and minimum exhaust.
  • Performance will vary with load and application.

Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet Ovens Model Details:


Specifications for Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet Ovens

AIR FLOW Forced Convection, Side to Side
WORKS SPACE DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) 24" x 24" x 15"
DOORS Manual
OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) 66" x 40" x 52"
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Standard Features for Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet Ovens

  • UL Listed Control Panel
  • Meets the Requirements of the Following Standards:
    • NFPA 86 (Standard for Ovens and Furnaces)
    • NFPA 70 (National Electric Code)
    • FM (Factory Mutual)
    • OSHA
  • Caution:
    • When processing combustible material fire protection should be considered
    • Processing flammable solvents or vapors requires forced exhaust to provide safety ventilation. For more information see Class A Solvent Processing page at this website
Safety Equipment
  • Adjustable manual reset excess temperature interlock to turn off heat on malfunction of main temperature controller
  • Separate heating element control contactors to turn off heat on malfunction of main control contactors
  • Recirculating blower air flow safety switch to turn off heat on loss of recirculated air flow
  • Electrical interlock shuts off heat if power to recirculating blower is interrupted
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Solid state heating element contactor
  • Motor control push buttons and on-off heat switch
  • LED pilot lights
  • 5 kA short circuit current rating (SCCR)
  • 208 volt, 230 volt or 460 volt, 3-phase, 60 HZ – other input power available
  • All welded construction – interior seams continuously back-welded on insulation side
  • Durable, electrically isolated, Incoloy tubular heating elements
  • Heating elements located in heat chamber to prevent radiant heating
  • Direct driven, high pressure stainless steel recirculating blower with silicone rubber blower shaft seal
  • Full coverage supply and return duct work with adjustable opposed louvers
  • Interior duct work easily removable for cleaning
  • Adjustable fresh air intake and 4” diameter exhaust outlet damper
  • Channel shelf supports prevent shelves tipping
  • Wall penetrations through pipes welded at inside wall and fitted with compression fitting at outside of oven
  • HEPA high temperature recirculation filter, stainless steel housing and separators , 99.97% efficient on 0.3 micron particles
  • Test port upstream and downstream of HEPA filters
  • Mechanical enclosure covers all components to provide continuous exterior surface for easy cleaning
  • Insulated with 10 lbs per cubic foot density rockwool insulation
  • 16 gauge, 2B finish, 304 stainless steel interior with stainless hardware
  • Aluminized steel exterior with white 2-part epoxy finish
  • Brushed stainless steel outer door cover and control panel face
  • Heavy duty door with positive latching door hardware
  • Inner oven walls extended through oven throat area to seal directly against silicone rubber door seal
  • Fully assembled and factory tested for temperature uniformity
  • 1 year limited warranty

Modifications & Accessories for Class 100 Clean Room Cabinet Ovens

  • Stainless Steel Shelf

    Oven accessory adding a Stainless Steel Shelf with maximum distributed load of either 50lbs, 100lbs or 200lbs depending on oven model.

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  • Programmable Temperature Controller

    Oven modification adding a programmable Temperature Controller. Microprocessor based, digital indicating, thermocouple actuated, in lieu of standard controller.

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  • Digital Timing Temperature Controller

    Modification adding a Digital Timing Temperature Controller. Microprocessor based, incorporates 99 hour 59 minute timer, starts timing temperature reaches set point and shuts down oven at end of set time.

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  • Recording Thermometer

    Accessory adding a Recording Thermometer. Thermocouple actuated, 10″ diameter circular chart, 24 hour chart rotation.

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  • SCR Power Controller

    Electrical modification adding an SCR Power Controller. Silicon controlled rectifier power controller in lieu of mechanical heating element contactors, minimizes maintenance, reduces heating element fatigue.

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  • Digital Shut Down Timer

    Accessory adding a Digital Shut Down Timer. Shuts down oven, selectable range, continuous “hold” feature.

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  • Install Customer Supplied Temperature Controller

    Modification installing a customer supplied temperature controller in lieu of standard controller.

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  • Digital Batch Timer

    Oven modification adding a Digital Batch Timer. Uniformly timing batch operations, continuous alarm with door interlock, alarm sounds at end of preset time until door is opened or timer reset.

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  • Supply Oven Without Controller

    Supply without temperature controller. Supply cutout, thermocouple, and wires only. Customer to supply and install temperature controller.

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