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About Grieve

A history of making high-quality, long-lasting industrial heat treat ovens for every industry.

Building Industrial Ovens So Your Business Works the Way It Should

Since 1949, Grieve has had one goal: to make high-quality ovens and furnaces that last. Your oven should be able to withstand the rigors of your business process, and should last for decades. We pride ourselves on making ovens that do what you need the first time they are fired up, and keep performance decades later.

Your worksite demands ovens that work. For over 70 years, that’s been our only business. Let us build you an oven that lasts by performing for decades.


“We specify Grieve for our large coating operation here in our Rochester, MN plant. Our Grieve ovens stand up to heavy use and keep their temperature uniformity better than any ovens we have used in the past.”

John Hassert Engineer, Crenlo

Where People Work With Purpose

It’s not just our ovens that last a long time- we’re proud that Grieve employees stay for their whole career. We learn from them and they impart their knowledge to every product and every project. So, what makes Grieve different? 

  • Our team has seen everything. They know your industry. They know your requirements. They know how to build you an oven that exceeds them.
  • Our people are experts. From sales to customer support, you’ll be talking to engineers who know our products and can understand your needs.
  • The knowledge about unique oven design to catering to your heat processing needs is second to none.
  • The respect our team has for our products and each other…and the respect they have for you.

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Our History Propels Us Forward

Expertise means continual growth. Experience means something to build on. Our team here never stops innovating and our process is always improving. We work every day to expand our offerings, improve our technology, and further orient our process on customer service. 70 years of customer satisfaction is just the beginning.


Join Our Growing Team

We’re looking for engineers, technicians, craftspeople, sales experts, marketing wizards, and more. We’re looking for people who love a challenge. We’re looking for people who want a career where their ideas matter. We’re looking for people who want to build something.

  • Competitive pay
  • Excellent benefits
  • Dedication to work-life balance
  • Positive workplace environment

We’re not just a place to work. We’re a place to grow your career and your life. We’re looking for someone like you.

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Get the Industrial Oven or Furnace You Need to Succeed

Getting a high-quality, long-lasting oven starts with talking to someone who understands your needs. Let’s light this fire.

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