Custom Ovens & Furnaces

Custom industrial ovens and furnaces built to your specifications. Custom designed and manufactured for processes where “off the shelf” won’t work.


We Don’t Just Build Ovens and Furnaces. We Build Your Custom Oven or Furnace.

No two worksites are alike. That means your oven or furnace needs to be built to your exact specifications. Sometimes that will be an oven in our catalog. Otherwise, we will specially design for your application.

Our designers and engineers create ovens tailored to your specific worksite and requirements. Sometimes it is a little change. Sometimes it is a radical change. Sometimes it doesn’t even look like an oven when we’re done.

No matter what, you get the same guarantee of high quality and durability. You get an oven that supports your business for the long run.


Our Custom Oven and Furnace Process

How do we make our custom ovens and furnaces? By listening to you. Our process involves:

  • In-depth consultation
  • Examination of your worksite and requirements
  • Design to your application needs
  • Build with the highest-quality materials and components
  • Test and inspect to guarantee performance

Your oven will be built to exact specifications, no matter how extreme or unusual. The only thing that matters is that it gets the job done right for you.


Experience and Dedication

How Our Team Makes Your Custom Equipment Work

We’ve worked in your industry. We understand your requirements, regulations, and qualifications. And we leverage that to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our process builds your custom oven or furnace with rigorous attention to detail. Our custom process includes:

  • Professional manufacturing and design
  • Rigorous testing and QA through maximum temperature
  • Logistics Planning
  • Monitored Production
  • Training for Your Employees
  • Technical Support

“Grieve helped us configure an oven for our specific application, which includes automated cooling and special controls. We are very pleased with the performance of the ovens and would definitely buy from Grieve again.”

Jeff Stocker Lead Engineer, ltron

Contact Us About Your Custom Needs

Your business has specific needs. We’ll make them work. We’ll build your custom oven or furnace to last for the long haul. Let’s talk.

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