Preventive Maintenance Kit – High Temperature Universal Ovens



Please provide the serial # of your oven on the checkout page when placing an order for a Preventive Maintenance Kit. *In order to verify the correct parts to be included in your kit, it is imperative that we review your oven's details.

A Preventive Maintenance Kit includes:

-Heating element(s)





-Motor starter(s)

-Pilot light

-Airflow switch

-Drive belt

-Door gasket

-Door hinges

-Door latches & catches

*The quantity and applicability of each item listed above will depend on your model. The price of your kit may increase due to factors such as age of the oven, engineering needs, etc. Please contact us if additional details are needed.

Product Highlights
  • OEM Part Number: PMKTHUN
  • Models: High Temperature Universal Ovens
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