Accessories & Modifications

  • Programmable Temperature Controller

    Oven modification adding a programmable Temperature Controller. Microprocessor based, digital indicating, thermocouple actuated, in lieu of standard controller. <ul> <li>Program Parameters: 40 profiles of up to 50 steps each, a real-time clock with battery backup to allow starting profile at any time of day</li> <li>Digital Display, 4.3” color touch screen</li> <li>Accuracy, ±0.1% of span plus 1 degree display error</li> <li>Connectivity, Relay output for alarm or other notification, two (2) USB ports, Ethernet compatible</li> <li>Also Available:</li> <li>Up to four (4) control channels of temperature, relative humidity or vacuum</li> <li>Monitor up to16 sensors</li> <li>Math and logic functions</li> <li>Digital inputs and outputs</li> <li>Data logging</li> <li>Graphic Trending</li> </ul>
    • Models: 493 Models (see product page)

  • Digital Timing Temperature Controller

    Modification adding a Digital Timing Temperature Controller. Microprocessor based, incorporates 99 hour 59 minute timer, starts timing temperature reaches set point and shuts down oven at end of set time. <ul> <li><strong>Digital Display</strong>, two LED, alphanumeric, 4 digit displays; 0.875" high for temperature display and 0.500" high for set point display</li> <li><strong>Accuracy</strong>, ±0.1% of span plus 1 degree display error</li> </ul>
    • Models: 493 Models (see product page)

  • Recording Thermometer

    Accessory adding a Recording Thermometer. Thermocouple actuated. <ul> <li><strong>Record:</strong> 10" diameter circular chart 24 hour chart rotation</li> <li><strong>Digital Display:</strong> 0.56" high, LED, alphanumeric, 4 digit display; LED status display</li> <li><strong>Accuracy:</strong> ±0.25%of span plus 1 degree display error</li> </ul>
    • Models: 465 Models (see product page)

  • SCR Power Controller

    Electrical modification adding an SCR Power Controller. Features: <ul> <li>Silicon controlled rectifier power controllers are completely solid state industrial controllers that insure precise proportioning of electric power to the heating elements</li> <li>Oven temperature is maintained smoothly and evenly over the entire temperature range of the unit.</li> <li>SCR power controllers minimize maintenance, as there are no moving parts or electrical contacts to wear out.</li> <li>Heating element fatigue is reduced since the elements do not cool between releases of electric power.</li> <li>Zero voltage firing, including the first one half cycle of voltage, minimizes radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.</li> <li>Transient voltage suppressor networks are included, and the units are provided with protective fusing.</li> </ul>
    • Models: 481 Models (see product page)

  • Digital Shut Down Timer

    Accessory adding a Digital Shut Down Timer. Shuts down oven, selectable range, continuous "hold" feature.
    • Models: 481 Models (see product page)

  • Placeholder

    Install Customer Supplied Temperature Controller

    Modification installing a customer supplied temperature controller in lieu of standard controller.
    • Models: 481 Models (see product page)

  • Digital Batch Timer

    Oven modification adding a Digital Batch Timer. Uniformly timing batch operations, continuous alarm with door interlock, alarm sounds at end of preset time until door is opened or timer reset.
    • Models: 481 Models (see product page)

  • Supply Oven Without Controller

    Supply without temperature controller. Supply cutout, thermocouple, and wires only. Customer to supply and install temperature controller.
    • Models: 481 Models (see product page)