Meet our Sales Representative: W. K. Duff & Company

July 19, 2022

Our sales representative for all of New England and part of New York is W. K. Duff & Company. The agency, which has represented Grieve since 1959, is currently led by the father-and-son duo of President Peter Maniatty and Vice President Taylor Maniatty. Bonnie Sherbo and Sarah Maniatty provide support.

In addition to selling the Grieve line of ovens and furnaces, W. K. Duff & Company represents manufacturers of chillers, heat exchangers, parts washers, and oxidizers.

Peter believes that this agency is good at what it does because of its in-depth knowledge of design, applications, and products. Duff works with Grieve as an integrated, seamless team.

W. K. Duff & Company is a member of MANA.

You can contact W. K. Duff & Company by calling (860) 678-1100 or emailing [email protected].