Meet our Sales Representative: Anderson-Bolds Company

June 7, 2022

Founded in 1934, Anderson-Bolds Company has represented Grieve in Ohio and most of Kentucky since 1980. The company is headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, and the current agency principals are Guy Mercer and Paul Sords. They lead a team of fifteen sales, engineering, accounting, administration, and warehousing personnel. (They are all so busy that only five gathered for the photo.)

In addition to selling the Grieve line of ovens and furnaces, Anderson-Bolds represents manufacturers of  heaters, temperature controls, contactors, valves, and sensors. They also offer services such as training, installation, start up, and programming.

This company has an 88-year history of helping customers to achieve success through the use of the products they provide.

Anderson-Bolds is a member of MANA, ASHRAE, and ARI.

You can learn more about Anderson-Bolds at