Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2021

Grieve green ovens (all of our equipment, actually) are built to help keep our planet green, too! How is Grieve equipment environmental-consciously manufactured?

Our equipment has increased insulation wall thickness which helps keep the heat inside of the oven’s workspace instead of dissipating it to outside. As a result of this, our ovens are able to:

  • Achieve lower energy consumption (gas or electric) which in turn uses less “fuel” to create energy to heat
  • Displaces less heat through the oven walls into an air-conditioned room, as a result saving on AC energy consumption

Grieve ovens are designed and built to last for decades. This helps to prevent:

  • Recycling and waste management efforts and costs as a result of disposing of old, unrepairable equipment
  • Excess costs from energy and materials associated with building a new oven. Both of these items take “energy” to build, and this type of energy pollutes the environment.

Consider these factors when evaluating your equipment needs not only for your bottom line, but for Mother Earth!