Grieve Ships Walk-In Oven to Water Products Manufacturer

September 20, 2022

Grieve has shipped a Model WRC666-500 electrically-heated walk-in oven to a leading manufacturer of water infrastructure products such as valves, fire hydrants, and pipe connections . . . equipment used to move or measure water. The oven is being used to pre-heat valve bodies, ranging in weight from 25 to 425 lbs., to 240-260°F. After the bodies are heated, a rubber seat is attached by means of an adhesive spray. Then the whole part goes into a compression molding machine so the rubber can bond to the valve.

Since our customer has two different-sized loading trucks, we made the insulated floor with two sets of truck tracks to match their dimensions. Other options we provided include an interior light, a window in the door, and a stainless-steel pipe port through the oven side wall. A programmable temperature controller, an SCR power controller to eliminate mechanical contactors and extend heating element life, and a four-color tower light to indicate various oven conditions, are also installed on the unit.

Grieve WRC Series walk-in ovens feature a rear heat chamber and combination air flow. They are available in electric or gas and can reach temperatures of up to 800°F. Thirteen standard work space sizes range from 96 to 768 cubic feet. See complete series specifications here.