Grieve Ovens in Action: Curing & Aviation

January 5, 2021

Industry: AVIATION 

This customized conveyor oven was designed for a manufacturer in the aviation industry. In order to meet the customer’s needs, this oven was specially designed to include unique switches for the production of new airplanes. The oven was engineered to have a long dwell time, adjustable for a slow rate. The applications within this customized oven require heat curing.

Heat curing is performed as part of the larger process of polymerization on a molecular level, but may also involve physical changes such as evaporation and condensation that increase an adhesive’s bonding properties. Some curing processes require specific temperature and humidity levels whereas others require a certain pressure. Heat cured coatings are often highly resistant to aggressive chemical substances and extreme conditions. In this case, a conveyor oven is the best equipment for this customer’s production requirements.

Heat curing is just one process that a Grieve oven or furnace can perform for your application. Our equipment can be custom designed to meet your heat treat needs and specifications, delivering consistent results because of our attention to detail and thorough testing standards. Read more about conveyor ovens here, or other models within the continuous oven family here.

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