March 17, 2013

No. 921 is a Model HD-244824 heavy duty, electrically heated box furnace for applications such as tempering, hardening, and sintering at up to 2000°F (1093°C).

Workspace dimensions are 24″ wide x 48″ deep x 24″ high.  34 KW heat input capacity is installed in nickel chrome wire coils, supported by vacuum-formed ceramic fiber. A heating element in the furnace door provides improved temperature uniformity.

The unit features 7″ thick insulated walls, comprised of 5″ of ceramic fiber and 2″ of 1700°F ceramic fiber. The 6-1/2″ floor insulation consists of 4-1/2″ 2300°F firebrick and 2″ of 1900°F block insulation.

Controls include a digital programming temperature controller and manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors.