April 17, 2013

No. 919 is a seven-zone, gas-heated belt conveyor oven used for curing various coatings onto ceramic parts. Maximum operating temperatures are 350°F in Zones 1-4 and 1000°F in Zones 5-7.

Workspace dimensions measure 51″ wide x x 56′ deep x 15″ high with a 30″ long open belt loading zone and seven 3′ long insulated heat zones with independent re-circulated airflow and temperature control. There is also a 9′ long cooling zone and a 3′ long open unloading zone. A ½” wide, B36-20-12-14, 316 stainless steel balanced weave conveyor belt is powered by a 1-HP motor drive, variable from 1.5″ to 30″ per minute.

Modulating natural gas burners in Zones 1-4 have 400,000 BTU/hr installed, with 500,000 BTU/hr in Zones 5-7. Heat chambers are mounted on top of the oven.