May 22, 2011

No. 874 is an electrically-heated 650°F (343.3°C) indexing chain conveyor oven from Grieve, currently used for processing pallets of PVC parts on mandrels. 40 KW are installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements. Workspace dimensions are 42″ wide x 84″ deep x 15″ high.

The unit has 5″ insulated walls and an aluminized steel interior and exterior. It features three zones: a 2′ long open belt loading zone, 7′ long heat zone with recirculated airflow, and a 4′ long open unloading zone. The mandrels holding product move through the oven on two stands of 60 pitch roller chain on 35″ centers, powered by a 1/4 HP motor drive, with fixed speed of 32 inches per minute.

A 4200 CFM, 3-HP recirculating blower provides vertical downward airflow to the workload, while a 325 CFM powered forced exhauster is also onboard. Motor operated vertical lift doors are provided at each end of the oven.

Controls on No. 874 include SCR power controller and fused disconnect switch. A PLC controls temperature and conveyor index.