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Modified Equipment



Size and Configuration of equipment can be altered for special applications including:
—Modified work space dimensions
—Left hand construction
—Multiple door openings or chambers
—Doors front and rear
—Powered vertical lift doors
—Revised air heater location
—Alternative recirculated air flow patterns

Material Handling Equipment can be provided including:
—Special loading trucks and shelves
—Roller conveyor or roller rail hearth
—Roller conveyor shelves
—Powered roller conveyors
—Motorized car bottoms
—Rotary hearth
—Multiple drawer assemblies

Heat Input, other than electric resistance or direct gas, can be provided including:
—Indirect gas
—Direct oil
—Combination gas/oil
—Steam heated
—Steam injection with humidity control

Construction Changes are available including:
—Body reinforcement for heavy loads
—Loading shelf reinforcement
—Special materials such as stainless steel,
—Incoloy or Inconel
—Special exterior paint
—JIC or other electrical requirements
—Remote or freestanding control panels

Designs other than those shown in our catalog are available including:
—Bell ovens and furnaces to be lowered over the work load
—Air heaters to be used as sources of heated air
—Tunnels for use with existing conveyor systems
—Cooling stations or zones

Digital Program Timer, weekly/yearly timer to start and stop equipment Option 7DAY

Audible Alarm, interlocked with timer or other control
Option ALRM

Auto Restart Circuit, to restart oven after brief power outage, includes Audible Alarm Option RC

Circuit Breaker Disconnect Switch, installed through control panel door Option FD

Viewing Window, 8" x 10" double pane installed in door:
Double pane Pyrex up to 700°F Option PPW
Double pane Pyrex/Vycor up to 1050°F
Option PVW

Interior Oven Light, including on-off switch at control panel:
Up to 700°F    Option L650
Up to 1050°F, provides exterior light to shine through window into oven 
Option L1000

Pipe Port, with cap, 3/4" NPT, installed through wall or door:
Carbon steel  Option PPC
304 stainless steel  Option PPS

Cable Port, 3" diameter with internal and external slide damper:
 Aluminized steel  Option CPA
 304 stainless steel  Option CPS

Work Space Thermocouples, installed through wall to monitor local work space temperature   Option WST
2-position damper on fresh air inlet or exhaust outlet; requires temperature controller alarm output or timer output to select damper position
Option OTPD

Modulating damper on fresh air inlet or exhaust outlet; requires current output temperature controller to control damper position  
Option OMD

Disposable Fresh Air Filter, 20" x 20" x 1" in housing covering fresh air inlet  Option FHA

HEPA Fresh Air Filter, 24" x 24" x 6" with prefilter, in housing covering fresh
air inlet
Option HFA
Combustion Air Filter, installed on gas burner combustion air inlet
Option CAF

Brake Motor, on recirculating blower used with automatic door switch to rapidly stop recirculating blower when door is opened
Option MAG

Export Crating, full wooden crate constructed with EU certified lumber, wooden decked skid, vacuum packing with MIL-131-B Class 1 vapor barrier and desiccant, internal blocking and bracing of equipment, external steel strapping, stenciled export markings with shipment destination
Option EXPT

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