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Company Profile

The Grieve
Continuity of Quality
We started out in 1949 with one goal in create a line of industrial heat processing equipment our customers could believe in.

Today, while much at Grieve has changed, our commitment to that goal is steadfast.
The Grieve Corporation's Round Lake, Illinois   
100,000 square foot facility, housing corporate  
headquarters, sales, engineering, research and
  At Grieve, you'll find quality at each and every step of the design and manufacturing process. With CAD/CAM/CAE design equipment and
ever-improving manufacturing procedures, we make the very best ovens and furnaces possible.

How do Grieve ovens perform in the most difficult test...the rough and tumble of the real world? Extremely well! Each unit is built to withstand
years of constant operation.

Nonetheless, if some problem happens to arise, you'll be pleased to know that Grieve has always maintained complete customer and job information on every unit we've ever built. We never retire a job file, so you know we'll always have the facts on hand should you need a replacement part.

Most important are the people of Grieve. Our office staff, engineers, manufacturing and shipping personnel are all dedicated to your continued satisfaction.

Ovens and furnaces for which there simply are no equals...Grieve.

Engineering & Manufacturing...
Where Grieve Quality Begins

Grieve Quality begins with the engineer's very first layout. The highly sophisticated CAD equipment shown here translates thoughts into form, form into function. From this stage, it's on to manufacturing, where Grieve quality continues to take shape.
Special Ovens and Furnaces...
Everyday Events At Grieve

Perhaps you have a specific heat processing problem that just can’t be solved by one of our "off the shelf" designs. No problem; Grieve offers complete custom design and manufacturing services. We’ll take everything into account. We have the experience necessary to meet your particular requirements. In fact, we’ve probably already designed and built a similar unit. You see, at Grieve, we’re more than manufacturers…we’re problem solving professionals who take the time to understand your needs.

Grieve Furnaces...
Higher Temperatures, Same High Quality

The specific needs of furnace users present their own challenges to Grieve’s furnace division. Our years of experience in the design and construction of industrial furnaces are brought to each new application our engineers encounter. Whatever your requirements for industrial furnaces, look to a quality leader. Look to Grieve. 



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