August 21, 2012

No. 1022 is a 550°F (287.7°C), electrically-heated, two-zone, dual belt conveyor oven from Grieve, currently used for encapsulation curing electrical coils in fixtures. Workspace dimensions on this oven measure 8′ wide x 40′ deep x 18″ high. 480 KW (240 KW per zone) are installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements to heat the oven chamber, while two 20-HP recirculating blowers provide a 49,000 CFM vertical downward airflow to the workload.

This Grieve conveyor oven comprises a 2′ long open loading zone and 3′ long insulated, unheated entrance vestibule, two 20′ long insulated heat zones with independent recirculated airflow and temperature control, 3′ long insulated exit vestibule and finally a 2′ long open unloading zone for the workpieces.

No. 1022 has 6″ insulated walls throughout, aluminized steel interior and exterior and was split into two sections for shipping. Slide doors along the length of the oven permit access to the workload and heat chambers. This Grieve conveyor oven is built with all safety equipment required for handling flammable solvents and is constructed to NFPA 79/NEMA 12 electrical standards.

The oven further features two 3′ wide, 1-3/16″ diameter cross bar conveyor belts with 1-HP motor drive, variable from 0.5 to 9 inches per minute. The conveyor belt drive is used in either index or continuous mode. Removable drip pans are provided below the conveyor assembly.

Controls on the oven include separate power and control panels, plus eyes at the unload station to signal an alarm, if the workpiece unloading is not cleared before conveyor indexing, SCR power controller for each zone and a tower light to indicate oven status. All control functions are accessed through a touch screen HMI connected to the onboard PLC.