Meet our Sales Representative: T&M Instruments

February 8, 2022

Representing Grieve since 2007, our sales representative for Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma is T&M Instruments. Co-owners Jace Curtis and Kendra Curtis work from company headquarters in Austin, while Jason Lott is based in Dallas and Andrew Pynckel is based in Houston. Kendra earned a master’s degree in education and now manages and supports the outside sales team of Jace, Jason, and Andrew. Each of T&M’s three outside salespeople has at least one degree in some type of engineering, as well as experience with industrial equipment.

In addition to selling the Grieve line of ovens and furnaces, T&M Instruments represents manufacturers of sensors, thermal test chambers and portable vibration analyzers. Working with carefully-selected contractors, T&M offers services such as new equipment installs, predictive maintenance, calibration and repair, and data acquisition.

Jace says the best part of selling Grieve is the consistent product quality. Freed from mediating through product quality issues, Jace and the others have more time for working on the next sale. Jace also likes our distinctive Trilite Green paint color.

You can learn more about T&M Instruments at the T&M Instruments website.