Grieve Ovens in Action – Truck Oven

May 19, 2022


Grieve has shipped our standard Model TAH-550 truck oven to a manufacturer of static mixers for the water treatment industry. Static mixers are pipes with motionless internal baffles that use the energy of the flow stream to generate consistent mixing.

For the mixers to comply with the NSF 61 standard covering products coming into contact with drinking water, VOCs must be off-gassed. Curing them in an oven greatly accelerates this off-gassing process. Using the earlier air curing method, 60 days were needed to ensure compliance with standards. By heating the mixers in the Grieve oven, the time required to ensure compliance is reduced to 6 hours.

The parts are loaded into the oven by means of an aluminized steel shelf truck and nickel-plated shelves. Truck tracks in the insulated oven floor (pictured below) allow the truck to be rolled smoothly in and out of the oven without damaging the side duct work.

Our standard truck oven series is described at this link. We offer three standard sizes and two different air flow patterns.