Grieve Ovens in Action

December 7, 2020










Like a proud parent, we love to see our high-quality, long-lasting Grieve ovens and furnaces within our customer’s facilities working hard for them! Grieve Ovens in Action will feature our built-to-last equipment out in the wild, showcasing their heat treat abilities, the industry they’re serving, and any specialty customizations.

Grieve ovens and furnaces have the ability to perform a number of different types of heat treatment. Some of the most common types that our equipment can execute, but not limited to, are:

  • Annealing
  • Drying
  • Inert Atmosphere Processing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Tempering
  • Hardening
  • Sintering
  • Curing
  • Preheat
  • Baking

Grieve equipment is designed for operating in every industry, too! Our ovens and furnaces are utilized in an endless number of industries, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Construction machinery & materials
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Instruments
  • Laboratory testing (R&D)
  • Medical
  • Metal working
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Paint & coating manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Rubber curing
  • Semiconductor
  • YOUR industry! Give us a shout to learn how we can design equipment that’s right for your application

Stay tuned for Grieve Ovens in Action features!

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