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Loading Trucks and Shelves
Insulated Floor and Truck Tracks Additional Equipment  


Work Space
Shelf Truck
Flat Bed Truck
Truck Shelf
(W x D)
Flat Bed
(W x D)
Capacity Model Capacity† Model
48" x 48" x 72" 42" x 42" 10 1000 lbs
2000 lbs
150 lbs
250 lbs
42" x 42" 2500 lbs     FB44
60" x 72" x 72" 54" x 66" 10 1000 lbs
2000 lbs
150 lbs
250 lbs
54" x 66" 3000 lbs     FB56
60" x 96" x 72" 54" x 90" 10 1500 lbs
2500 lbs
200 lbs
300 lbs
54" x 90" 3500 lbs     FB58
72" x 72" x 78" 66" x 66" 11 1500 lbs
2500 lbs
200 lbs
300 lbs
66" x 66" 3500 lbs     FB66
72" x 96" x 78" 66" x 45"‡ 22‡ 2000 lbs
3000 lbs
125 lbs
200 lbs
66" x 90" 4000 lbs     FB68
72" x 120" x 78" 66" x 57"‡ 22‡ 2500 lbs
4000 lbs
150 lbs
250 lbs
66" x 114" 5000 lbs     FB610
72" x 144" x 78" 66" x 69"‡ 22‡ 3000 lbs
4500 lbs
200 lbs
300 lbs
66" x 138" 6000 lbs     FB612
72" x 96" x 96" 66" x 45"‡ 28‡ 2500 lbs
3500 lbs
125 lbs
200 lbs
66" x 90" 4000 lbs     FB68
*Special shelf support centers available at no charge, 6" centers standard.
†Shelf capacity based on uniformly distributed loading.
‡Two shelves per level for ease of handling.
Larger and special sized trucks can be provided.
Stainless steel construction and special caster material also available.



Standard Walk-In ovens include a steel plate floor and provisions for a customer installed insulated floor. Floor plate is 1/8" thick in ovens up to 72" wide x 120" long; 1/4" thick on wider models. A doorsill at the front edge of the floor plate maintains doorway rigidity and provides a sealing surface for the oven doors. The doorsill is 2" high on 500°F and 650°F ovens; 3" high on 750°F ovens.

At no charge, the doorsill can be eliminated, doors lengthened and equipped with drag seals. This arrangement provides a floor level entrance to allow loading by hand truck, fork lift truck or by loading equipment of varying wheel spacing.

When loading with an oven truck, installation of truck wheel guide tracks is recommended. This allows the doorsill to remain across the work space opening. Floor level truck wheel guide tracks include additional door seals to cover the guide track openings beneath the doors.

Truck wheel guide track width and centerlines may be specified to suit existing equipment or to be used with a loading truck from the front of this bulletin. Guide tracks are generally 1/2" wider than truck wheel width. If not specified, tracks are provided 2-1/2" wide on centerlines 12" less than work space width.
Truck Tracks, to allow loading at factory floor level, flared at the front for easy entrance of wheels, includes truck track seals on doors to close off track opening
Option TT
Insulated Floor with Recessed Truck Tracks, provides the reduced heat loss and improved temperature uniformity of insulated floor plus allows loading at factory floor level
Option IFRTT
Insulated Floor, with steal plate cover, 2" for 500°F and 650°F, 3" at 800°F, minimizes heat loss and improves temperature uniformity near floor level, rated at 100 lbs per square foot distributed loading
Option IF
Insulated Floor with Surface Track Tracks, used where oven will be recessed into the factory floor or loaded with an external ramp, includes drag seals on the oven doors. Total track loading limited to distributed floor loading of 100 lbs per square foot
Option IFSTT
See Bulletin TC-960 for modifications and other optional equipment.
Programmable Temperature Controller, microprocessor based, digital indicating, thermocouple actuated, in lieu of standard controller
Option PTC3

Recording Thermometer, thermocouple actuated, 24-hour, 10" diameter circular chart used in conjunction with standard controller
Option RT

Digital Timing Temperature Controller,
microprocessor based, digital indicating, incorperates 99 hour 59 minute timer. Starts timing when temperature reaches set point and shuts down oven at end of set time
Option DTS3
Digital Shut Down Timer, with continuous "hold" feature
Option SDT

Digital Batch Timer, for uniformly timing batch operations. Continuous alarm with door interlock; alarms at end of preset period until door is opened or timer reset
Option BT

Automatic Door Switch, turns off blower and heat when door is opened. Restores blower and heat when door is closed
Option ADS 
Powered Forced Exhausters
with exhauster air flow safety switch†

Capacity HP Outlet
325 CFM 1/3 6" 23"
650 CFM 1/2 6" 23"
975 CFM 1 8" 23"
‡Gas ovens include 325 CFM exhauster, except 650 CFM at 1,200,000 BTU/HR heat input.
Electric ovens may require additional heat input.


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