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The Grieve Corporation, an Industrial Oven & Industrial Furnace Manufacturer, does not buy and resell used equipment. However, we are aware that there is a large market in used industrial ovens and used industrial furnaces.

We are often contacted, after a used oven or used furnace is purchased, to help the new owner get the unit up and running. For this reason, we are very aware of the pitfalls of purchasing used industrial equipment.

Before purchasing a used industrial oven or a used industrial furnace, check the following:

- AGE -
Many units appear new but in fact are more than 30 years old. If the unit has not been used for a long time the insulation may have absorbed moisture from the air and the unit could be rusting from the inside out.

We get many calls with questions such as "Shouldn't this unit have a control panel?" Often the used equipment on the market has been scavenged for parts before it has been picked up at auction. It's common to be missing temperature controls, entire control panels and gas burners.

Many units are purchased without checking that the unit is compatible with the available power supply. It turns out that the design voltage and phase is not available at the new owners facility. Sometimes conversion from one voltage or phase to another is very expensive. On some electrically heated equipment, it could result in having to replace all the heating elements.

Every 3 or 4 years the National Fire Protection Association Guideline 86 covering industrial ovens and furnaces is rewritten. For this reason, most used equipment has safety equipment that is out of date. This is especially true on gas-fired equipment. Bringing a used industrial oven or used industrial furnace up to current standards can be very expensive.

New equipment is designed and purchased for a specific application. Many used industrial ovens or used industrial furnaces will not have the correct safety equipment or optional equipment required for your process. This is especially true if the equipment is to be used in a process that releases flammable solvents or vapors. Such processes require that the oven be a Class A oven and have certain items of safety equipment.

We have worked with many end users to help them repair, rebuild or adapt used equipment for their specific purposes. This is often expensive and time consuming. By the time the transformation is complete, the cost has reached or exceeded the price of new, correctly designed equipment. For this reason, we urge you to get a price on a new piece of equipment, designed for your application, prior to purchasing a used industrial oven or used industrial furnace.

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