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Trusted, dependable, long-lasting equipment for over 75 years.

Since 1949, we’ve created ovens and furnaces that work for every industry, every time.

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Industrial Ovens and Furnaces That Fit All Your Requirements

At Grieve, we’re more than a manufacturer. We’re your partner in designing long-lasting furnaces and ovens that fit your exact requirements. No matter your needs, our team of expert technicians creates a product that works.

Our industrial ovens and furnaces:
  • Fits your space requirements
  • Meets your technical requirements
  • Adheres to your safety regulations
  • Lasts for generations

We are tirelessly committed to providing the long-lasting equipment you need that can last for decades.

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Our Design Process Is A Pledge To You

Before your industrial oven gets to you, it’s been tested. It’s been examined by our management team. It’s more than inspection. We make sure that when your oven gets to you, it works without fail.

Industrial Oven and Furnace Manufacturing Includes:
  • Professional manufacturing and design
  • Rigorous testing and QA through maximum temperature
  • Logistics planning
  • Monitored shipping
  • Modular assembly
  • Turn-key installation available

See how our detailed process promises perfection

“For this project, I had reached out to no less than 12 different companies across the globe to attempt to obtain a quote for this specialized industrial oven. Grieve answered and delivered. No other company was willing to face the engineering challenges that this custom build presented.”

JP West Development Manager, Vision Ease

Ovens That Work in Every Industry

What keeps customers coming back to Grieve? Consistency. Reliability. The highest-quality ovens and furnaces in the business. We’ve worked in nearly every industry. We know what it takes to work in yours.

Our ovens and furnaces run for decades with just preventative maintenance; we have the lowest return and warranty rate in the industry.

No matter what your process is, our equipment just works. The first time, the 100th time, every time.


American Made Ovens Since 1949

Our industrial ovens and furnaces are more than products: they’re our life’s work and have been for generations. We’ve been creating ovens and furnaces that have lasted for entire careers. We know our equipment lasts the longest, because we’ve been around to see it.

We’re just getting started. From our 100,000 sq ft Round Lake, IL facility, we’re constantly improving how ovens and furnaces work for all our clients. With CAD/CAM/CME design equipment and ever-evolving processes, we embrace our history of high-quality while creating a better future for all our clients. Learn more about our industrial oven and furnace manufacturing company.

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Complete Custom Oven Design and Manufacturing Process

We’ve been around long enough to not be surprised by anything. Our experience and expertise helps us modify any of our products to meet your exact specifications and needs. From the sales process to final shipment, our entire team works to meet all the requirements for your custom industrial oven or furnace.

There’s no such thing as an off-the-shelf industrial manufacturing oven…there’s only the one that works for you.


A heat processing company that can fulfill your oven or furnace needs.

Getting a high-quality, long-lasting oven starts with a consultation to understands your needs with design customization options. We’re ready to work with you. Let’s light this fire.

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